Welcome to the first post of our new monthly blog, where we’ll be revealing the inner workings of Ice & Vice! Tune in every month to learn about all of our shenanigans and get exclusive sneak peaks on upcoming flavors and projects.

This month, we spotlight our flavor creation process. A lot of customers and fans often ask how Ice & Vice comes up with its flavors. The truth is, our process is never the same each season.  We rarely come up with things the same way each time. Sometimes ingredients and experiences inspire us, or we come up with flavor names and themes first. We love studying the food industry and discovering the next big food trend. Or better yet, creating the next food trend. It usually begins with one of these starting points, and we build organically from there.

Make no mistake; creating a flavor is hard work. We often make 5 or 6 iterations of flavor before we get it just right. We have to experiment a lot, sometimes making subtle adjustments, sometimes making drastic adjustments like replacing certain ingredients, or scrapping an entire concept altogether after coming to the realization that flavors sound great in theory but doesn’t work in reality. But we will say that the best part of the process is we get to sample a lot.

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