When we were younger, OREO cookies were our favorite cookies. Everybody had them. It was in everybody’s lunch boxes, and they were the perfect complement to our milk. It even has its own ice cream with cookies n’ cream. Really, they’re perfect. And it’s childhood.

OREO cookies are still our favorite cookies to this very day. They’ve stood the test of time. Maybe it’s the nostalgia. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with OREO cookie! We couldn’t resist working with one of the most iconic brands in America. We couldn’t resist the opportunity giving this iconic brand an Ice & Vice face lift.

NYC best ice cream frozen dessert shop OREO tacos

We were given the challenge of what Ice & Vice could do with an OREO cookie? We’re known for our experimental ice cream, but what could we do with a cookie that was already so perfect? Well, the answer is to make it even more perfect.

We decided first to give our spin on the classic cookies n’ cream, which is a piece of cake since we dedicated an entire seasonal menu to the concept of cookies n’ cream.  As lovers of both classic OREO cookies and golden OREO cookies, we decided to use both. We wanted to create a smoother texture than traditional cookies n’ cream so we created two kinds of cookie butter – classic OREO and golden OREO – and strewn them through malted vanilla ice cream.  We’re able to better preserve the flavor of the two types of OREO cookies this way. We used malt to enhance the flavor of the OREO cookies.

NYC best ice cream frozen desserts OREO ice cream taco sundae

When it came to serving our version of OREO cookies n’ cream, we drew inspiration from the Choco Taco. We created OREO cookie taco shells from jumbo 3” OREO cookie wafers to nestle the OREO cookies n’ cream in. We then garnish the ice cream taco with classic and golden OREO cookie crumble. It’s the perfect finger food sundae. To top it all off, we serve it street style in a set of three.

NYC best frozen dessert OREO ice cream taco sundae

This collaboration sundae will be available at the LES shop beginning April 5th for a limited time. Learn more about our journey on our socials and video spot.

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