CHEESY peach, yogurt, cheddar crisp

CORNY chicha morada, popcorn bread

FLAMING ghost pepper, strawberry mole sauce

POKEY prickly pear, candied cactus meringue

SUGAR DADDY salted caramel sorbet, rum raisins


KOALA CHIPS eucalyptus, black pepper chocolate chips

KPOP kinako, red beans, condensed milk

O CANADIA burnt ginger, maple syrup, maple chips, sorbet

OVER ICE ice wine, ice apple swirl

TV DINNER carrot, clove, sweet pea frosting


KUKKI n’ C.R.E.A.M Okinawa sweet potato sorbet, black sesame rice crisp

BISCUITS n’ C.R.E.A.M Sorghum caramel, pumpkin snickerdoodle

NANKHATAI n’ C.R.E.A.M Kashmiri chai, pistachio cardamom cookie

GALLETAS n’ C.R.E.A.M Tomatillo, mint, blue corn cookie

COOKIES n’ C.R.E.A.M Malted vanilla, Mexican chocolate shortbread


AMARETTO SOUR Orange Tang, Almond, Mister Katz's Rye Cherry

FROSÉ Raspberry, Rose, White Girl Rosé Rhubarb

PIÑA COLADA Soursop, Owney's Rum Macaroon

BEE'S KNEES Jasmine, Honey, Greenhook Ginsmiths Bee Pollen

MICHELADA Hops Brother's Hops, Spicy Tomato Lime Sorbet


BREAKFAST CLUB Brown butter banana, candied bacon waffles

BURNT OUT Toasted black rice, mandarin citrus jam

MILK CON LECHE Goat milk cajeta, kaya jam

MOVIE NIGHT 2 Buttered popcorn, malted chocolate, raisin caramel

VEGANS GONE WILD Tequila tamarind, sour mango fruit de pate


BNB Acai, Quince, Chocolate Coconut "Fake" Bacon

PSL Pecan, Sorghum, Latte Toffee

SML Salted Black Licorice, Skyr Milk Chocolate Chips

TBT Dark Chocolate, Earl Grey, Speculoos Chips

WWW White Chocolate, White Miso, Whit Beer


BLUE/PURPLE Butterfly Pea Flower, Yuzu, Coconut

GREEN Lemon Verbena, Cucumber, Basil Seeds

ORANGE Papaya, Peach Habanero

RED Hibiscus, Rose, Swedish Fish Fluff

YELLOW Buckwheat honey, Sunflower Butterscotch Chips


ANTS ON A FARM Raisin, Celery, Gianduja Chocolate Chips

BLOOD SISTERS Salted Chocolate, Burnt Blood Orange Sorbet

NO WHEY Labne, Burnt Honey Preserved Lemon

OLIVE GARDEN Black Garlic, Olive Oil, Sweet Corn Crumble

PICKLES OF THE CARIBBEAN Rum, Coconut, Pickled Pineapple Jam


COLT .45 Toasted barley, chicory root, spiced mole

OH MY GOURD Kashmiri kabocha, red walnut syrup

ON THE ROCKS Persian black lime cola, cherry poprock

PHOTO BOMB Chlorophyll, citron marmalade

THAI-PHOON Thai tea, mango, sumac jaggery


@COFFEE&CHAMPAGNE Almond, champagne marshmallow, chocolate espresso

@DEVOURPOWER IPA, toasted blue corn, Old Bay croutons

@FOODBABY Concord grape, donut soil, sprinkles, raspberry coulis

@FOODDRUNK Cherry lemon lime, bubblegum fudge

@SPOONUNIVERSITY Fireball Whiskey, flaming hot Cheetos and ramen noodles


BATH SALTS Lavender, Pine Stracciatella

Crack O’ Lantern Pumpkin seed oil, candied ginger

CRUNCHIES Green Apple, Hemp Milk, Fennel Granola

FIGGIN' TOASTED Toasted Baguette, Fig & Goat Milk Jam

THE DROP Peanut Butter, Banana, Serrano Pepper Peanut Brittle


BLUE CHEESE Blueberry Maple, Corn Mascarpone Mousse

EAT ME St. Germain, Juniper Berry, Candied Mushroom

'K'ARROT HOLE Lemon Thyme, Milk-Braised Carrot

KILLAH B Blood Orange, Golden Beet Purée, Cocoa Nib

UNBIRTHDAY Chamomile, Honey, Sunflower Seed Sorbet


BEFORE NOON Apricot, White Wine Oatmeal

FARMER BOY Black Currant, Goat Milk, Buckwheat Streusel

GOLD DIGGER Kalamansi, Olive Oil Sorbet

SHISO PRETTY Strawberry, Shiso White Balsamic Jam

TICO TIME Pink Guava, Chili Lime Plantain Chip


3 LITTLE PIGS Bacon Salted Caramel, Bacon Praline

HAPPY PANDA Forbidden Black Rice Sorbet

LOVE & HATE Root Beer, Ginger Molasses Soil

MOVIE NIGHT Buttered Popcorn, Toasted Raisins, Chocolate Chips

NUTS OF WRATH Marcona Almond, Grape Kool-aid Jam